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Services Available in Dubai

Dubai is an important international tourism, events and conference destination, as well as a global center of business. As such, a mature and broad-based services sector exists to cater to these industries. For production crews, that means Dubai has the services infrastructure to support all types of shooting projects. Service providers include lodging, car rentals, travel and tour operators, catering and event management.

  • Dubai enjoys a wealth of accommodations that serve a tourism industry that welcomes more than 9 million people a year from around the world. Lodging is available across all classes of hotels, from five-, four- and three-star hotels to furnished and serviced apartments, to meet all your housing needs for crew and talent.
  • All major international and regional car rental companies have a presence in Dubai.
  • A wide array of high-quality travel agencies and tour operators operate in the city to serve the travel needs of residents and visitors alike.
  • There are hundreds of catering companies that provide services ranging from small in-home events and large hotel weddings to simple and elaborate social and corporate events.
  • Dubai also is home to a wide range of event management companies that serve the full spectrum of clients, including business and government, travel agencies and tour operators, meeting planners, hotel groups and individuals.