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Why Dubai

Make your next project come to life in Dubai.

Dubai has always embraced innovation. From its beginnings as a pearling and fishing village, to its emergence as a trading crossroads between East and West, and to its current position as a global metropolis, Dubai is a place where anything is possible. In Dubai, sand is transformed into palm-shaped islands, a glittering glass tower rises higher than anywhere else in the world, and more than 200 nationalities peacefully coexist within 1,587 square miles.
This can-do spirit infuses the emirate, and continually inspires filmmakers to capture Dubai on film. It is said that Dubai is the world’s largest open-air stage. Blessed with rugged mountains, rose-tinted sand dunes, and turquoise seas, along with top-notch infrastructure and deep talent pool, Dubai is a filmmaker’s oasis. 340 days of sunshine, iconic locations, and state-of-the-art soundstages means that in Dubai, filmmakers can shoot more in less time.



‘World’s largest open-air stage’

For the simple reason that this thriving, lively and growing cosmopolitan city of more than two million people is the world’s largest open-air stage. From modern skyscrapers, turquoise seas and rose-tinted sand dunes to well-worn alleyways, gilded mansions and rugged mountains, Dubai has it all, which is why we say, “Make Dubai what you want it to be.”

Across the 1,587 sq.mi (4,110 emirate, which encompasses a big city on a sparkling sea and a much larger rural interior, more than 200 nationalities coexist, working as bankers, marketers, teachers, pilots, fishermen, lawyers, architects, engineers, designers, shopkeepers, beauticians, entrepreneurs, painters, barbers, life coaches, horse trainers, farmers, coffee roasters, software engineers, and website designers – in short, the full tapestry of professions found in any major metropolis. This is a big city that is clean, modern and safe.

Because Dubai is a global crossroads, a tourism hub and a multicultural melting pot, Dubai is on par with London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris, as one the world’s leading international retail destinations.

Shoot more in less time

Shooting is supported by three state-of-the-art soundstages, numerous professional studios, the largest production base in the Middle East and North Africa, a hospitality and services sector known across the globe, fast and efficient logistics and telecommunications, a supportive government and knowledgeable film and TV commission, and 340 days of sunshine. All of which means you can shoot more in less time. It’s regularly the case that once producers come to town and see what this city has to offer, they increase their planned shooting days.

‘Can-do’ philosophy

But perhaps most of all, Dubai understands business and the need to deliver results. That’s how this city has emerged to become a globally recognized finance, trade and business hub. Today, hundreds of thousands of businesses – from Fortune 500 multinationals to mom-and-pop shops – succeed in Dubai every day because of the “can-do” spirit that infuses the city. The same can be true for your film or television production.

Come be a part of this vibrant and growing production industry that since 2005 has produced over 6,000 productions of films, TV series and commercials. Join this growing media community. In Dubai, you can make your project happen.