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Studios & Stages

dubaistudiocity-soundstages-thumbDubai is home to the most advanced soundstages in the Middle East and North Africa. Located in Dubai Studio City, the facilities are specialized to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the high-growth entertainment industry. The complex encompasses more than 65,000 sq.ft (6,038.7 sq.m) of stage area. In all, Dubai Studio City’s infrastructure facilities span 1 million sq.ft of constructed space on land area of 22 million sq.ft, including an office park, boutique studios for TV production, and a soundstage complex with workshops, warehouses and a backlot.

Three soundstages are available or under construction:

  • One 15,000 sq.ft (1,393.5 sq.m) stage with attached 15,000 sq.ft (1,393.5 sq.m) of office area for make-up, dressing rooms and production support services.
  • Two stages, each 25,000 sq.ft (2,322.5 sq.m) are joined by a 30-meter-wide elephant door. The large elephant door allows for the stages to be used as a 50,000 sq.ft (4,645 sq.m) space. Each stage has a water tank for underwater shoots and attached production office space of 25,000 sq.ft (2,322.5 sq.m) each.

Key Features of the Soundstages:

  • Column-free structuresdubaistudiocity-soundstages-inside-thumb
  • Complete grid and cat-walk system
  • Adequate electrical power and cooling tonnage
  • Clear height is 12.5-15 m
  • Elephant doors for ease of moving equipment and sets
  • Noise criterion 25
  • Complete sound proofing

Office Space Can Accommodate:

  • Art department roomsdubaistudiocity-soundstages-editing-suite-thumb
  • Hair and make-up room
  • Dressing rooms
  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Suites for actors
  • Editing suites
  • Offices and meeting rooms for production staff

Technical Specifications for Soundstage 1:

  • Maximum occupancy: 299 people
  • Maximum height: 60’-0” (18.2 m)
  • Interior clear height: 45’-0” (13.7 m)
  • Noise criterion: 25
  • Catwalks: steel framed with vinyl flooring and wooden caped guardrails
  • Oversized (elephant doors): 17’-8” (5.4 m) wide x 20’-0” (6.1 m) high motorized rolling doors with tracks, sound traps, and acoustic seals designed to meet NC noise criteria and faced at interior sides with hardware cloth over insul-quilt. Door travels at 30 feet (9.1 m) per minute
  • Roll-down fire doors: Fire rated roll down assemblies to protect openings at oversized rolling doors
  • RED Light System: Red (recording) lights have been provided at all entry doors to the soundstages, on both the internal and external side of the door

Dubai Studio City in Numbers:

  • Three soundstages: one of 15,000 sq.ft (1,393.5 sq.m) and two of 25,000 sq.ft (2,322.5 sq.m) each. 
  • 102,729 sq.ft (9,543.8 sq.m) of workshops
  • 3 million sq.ft (278,709.12 sq.m) backlot
  • Two indoor water tanks

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