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Terms and Conditions

Application form and required documents

  • A No Objection Certificate is issued by the original company that commissioned the project, confirming that the UAE-licensed production Company has been appointed to undertake the shooting and that it does not object to the production Company carrying out the shoot.
  • The Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) reserves the right to request additional documents from the applicant as necessary and reject any applications that do not include all required supporting documents.

Script approvals

  • For films and TV serials, the final approved script must include the itinerary of scene shots and each location or scene intended for shooting. No further amendments shall be permitted once the final script is submitted with application form to DFTC.
  • Scripts to be submitted in English or Arabic, as applicable. The Company must ensure that scripts in other languages are translated by a legal translator and bear the stamp of the office of the legal translator.
  • The Company shall not shoot any scenes projecting disrespect to social perspectives, culture and values of the United Arab Emirates.
  • The Company shall not shoot any scenes that may reflect unethically or negatively upon any economic, political or ideological issues.

Shooting on location site

  • The Company shall only be permitted to shoot in the specified areas and for the specified time periods as approved by DFTC.
  • The Company and crew shall take all necessary precautions and measures with regard to general safety and security during shooting.
  • Any international crew will be permitted to arrive on site pursuant to approval of the script and issuance of shooting permit by DFTC. All international crew must have valid work or business visas in order to be involved in the shoot.
  • All international companies shall appoint a Company with a valid UAE production trade license to conduct the shoot. The UAE-licensed production Company shall procure work or business visas for all crew who will be involved in the shoot. DFTC will not directly issue shooting permits to any international companies.
  • The Company shall not shoot in restricted areas including (without limitation) government departments, ministries, royal palaces, military outposts and refineries.
  • The key individuals from the Company listed on the application form must receive permission from DFTC to shoot on site.


  • The Company shall maintain insurance for all crew, equipment, locations and workmen’s compensation.

Rules and regulations

  • The Company shall comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, as applicable in Dubai.
  • A breach by the Company of any of the terms and conditions on the permit application form shall result in the immediate termination of the shooting permit by DFTC without any prior notice of any kind or court order. DFTC shall not be liable to the Company for any costs and/or losses due to a cancellation of the permit at any stage during or after the process. DFTC reserves all other rights and remedies available to it under the law.
  • DFTC shall not be liable to the Company for any costs and/or losses due to arrival of production-related crew in Dubai prior or after shooting dates as specified in shooting permit.
  • The Company shall indemnify any and all third parties against any losses or damages caused to any person or property (including loss or damage to any person or property of DFTC and its owners) whether arising before, during or after shooting and shall indemnify DFTC and its owners against any claims or other liabilities that may arise as a result of any actions of the Company, DFTC granting the shooting permit to the Company and/or any breach of the terms and conditions of the permit application form.
  • DFTC shall be entitled to cancel a shooting permit or reject a script without any prior notice or reasons provided to the Company.


# Fine Description  Fines Suspension Process
1 Filming without permission 25,000 AED fine*  
  • Notify customer about violation of DFTC regulations.
  • Discretion to block customer from all DFTC services.
  • Discretion to suspend all customer media shooting activities pending rectification of the violation (for a period of up to 6 months).
  • The fine shall be doubled upon repetition of the violation within one year from the date of committing the previous violation.
  • Discretion to block all existing valid filming permits and customer must re-apply for such permits after removal of suspension.
2 Filming without location permission 15,000 AED fine*
3 Filming for different activities than mentioned in the permit 25,000 AED fine*
4 Any other filming violation such as:  
- Member of the production house not present on set 20,000 AED fine*
- Damage to property
- Littering
- Blocking pathways or Roads without permission
- Building sets or structures without permission
- Filming aerial without permission from the concerned parties



* An additional fees of AED 10 as “Knowledge Dirham” and AED 10 as “Innovation Dirham” is applicable per penalty.