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Permit Applications

In order to apply for a filming permit, you must have a valid UAE production trade license. Any individuals, companies or entities that do not have a valid UAE production trade license can either apply to obtain a license or partner with a UAE-licensed production company to obtain a filming permit.

Online Applications

(from 22-Jun-2014)

Manual Applications

Script approval and non-aerial film permitting applications requested by the following applicants will only be accepted via online submission:

  • Production Companies
  • Freelancers
  • Emirati Freelancers
  • Government Entities 
  • Broadcasters

Applications by the following applicant groups should continue to download the necessary forms and submit in person to the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC):

    • News
    • Publication Houses
    • All Aerial Requests 


Note: Educational Institutes do not require a filming permit (as long as it is related to school projects).  When filming in private or public locations, we recommend to first inform the location owner or security that you are an Educational institue or student and show him/her your ID and the purpose of filming. Once you get their consent you are good to go.

Applicants using the portal should only use the latest version of Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.  Payment of process and location fees can be made online using either Visa or MasterCard or alternatively in cash by depositing at the DFTC offices in Dubai Media City.  Cheques will no longer be accepted for online applications. 

Instructions on how to register and use the system can be found by clicking here.   

Direct access to the portal registration and login page can be found by clicking here. 


**Please note that more detailed information is now required for both manual and online film permit applications, you are advised to read the instructions carefully**