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The overriding objective of the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) is to help local and international producers get their projects successfully made in Dubai. By focusing on this, we expect to achieve our other goals, which include – first of all – to increase the number of film, TV, commercial, and corporate video productions that are shot and produced in Dubai. We seek to achieve this as part of DFTC’s efforts to support the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.

Improving Dubai’s appeal

DFTC works on a policy level with government departments, private sector service providers both within the production industry and in support services, owners of shooting locations, and other stakeholders to ensure Dubai continually improves its appeal as a shooting and production location. We seek to make the production process as streamlined and cost effective as possible.

Building talent

We also work to further grow the large talent pool in Dubai and strengthen the emirate’s indigenous skills, among both its citizens and expatriate residents. Our goal is to develop a diverse, established talent pool that local, regional and international filmmakers can depend on when shooting in Dubai.