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Message from the Chairman

JamalMy message is simple: Dubai understands the media, film and TV business, and we know how to deliver results. So when you shoot in Dubai, you are assured of an efficient and professional process. In Dubai, you have a wealth of shooting locations that often surprises visiting producers, and a mature services industry that means you can shoot more in less time. 



We are experienced

In DFTC, you have a partner that enjoys strong relationships across Dubai … and across the major film markets. Dubai’s global appeal is evidenced by the successful shooting of key scenes in Dubai for Hollywood blockbusters such as Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Syriana, and The Kingdom; Bollywood hits such as Do Not Disturb and Casanovva; the Chinese thriller Switch, and of course, the groundbreaking Emirati film City of Life.

This is our industry

We understand the industry and are regular participants in key international industry events. We engage with producers, buyers and sellers, broadcasters, programmers, financiers, directors and other industry players to better understand how Dubai can partner with them on key initiatives. We keep our eyes open for opportunities, and continually look for ways to enhance our offering.

Our goal is to ease the decision-making process to shoot your next production here in Dubai, so contact us. On a case-by-case basis we can develop an incentive package that will further increase the value of your Dubai shoot.

We’re passionate about media

I am passionate about film and TV, and am committed to bringing more productions to the UAE, my homeland. This is why I am so honored to serve as DFTC’s first chairman.

This emirate is well known for capturing the imagination of visiting tourists and business people alike. Its nearly limitless variety of inspiring locations are sure to do the same for film and TV audiences around the world. Dubai is a tremendous shooting location that the world has only just begun to glimpse.

Please contact us at to learn how we can help make your next production come to life in Dubai.

Jamal Al Sharif

Chairman, Dubai Film and TV Commission